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Affordable veterinary care and neutering

12-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier © RSPCA photolibrary

Supporting pet owners

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and taking on any new pet should be a carefully considered decision. That said, we understand that life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.

If a pet owner falls on hard times we’re not here to judge, we just want what’s best for the animals. Which is why our hospitals help cover the costs of veterinary treatment for pet owners who otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide their … continue reading ››

Kitten’s life saved by veterinary care

Sienna © RSPCA


This tiny kitten, which we named Sienna,  was collected from a pet shop by an RSPCA inspector, where she had been handed in by children. She had a severely deformed leg and really was very unwell. She was very underweight and had a big pot belly, a sign she had worms. Cruelly, someone had also cut her whiskers off.

No kitten should have such a tough start in life. Because Sienna was so unwell a veterinary surgeon thought it … continue reading ››